Monday, September 15, 2014


Hi there..

Today just want to share my opinion or just nagging along with something.. Its call "BEAUTY"

Most girls perhaps always had the feeling that they not beauty or the words pretty. i admit that im one of them actually. Beauty actually not bothering much but sometimes will do.

In wiki they said " Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection."

Mostly they said Beauty is "characteristic" meaning its subjective which make someones feel pleasure (happy) or satisfaction (feel great).

Wiki also said that "Human Beauty" as The characterization of a person as “beautiful”, whether on an individual basis or by community consensus, is often based on some combination of inner beauty, which includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruence and elegance, and outer beauty (i.e. physical attractiveness) which includes physical attributes which are valued on an aesthetic basis.

What can i said today theres many pretty girls out there but they make the pretty gone due to their attitudes. Nowadays the social networking are perfect place you can see "fake" beauty. They look innocent but real life who knows? Yups maybe out there saying maybe im jealous well yes for the first look but the more i see the more i found out that attitudes shows "beauty" in someones.

Sometimes pretty or beauty are pain tough! to be pretty need sacrifice for own pleasure of course. But back to basic "attitudes" does matter most!

To the girls out there be pretty or beauty for someone who deserved you!

Sorry if this post kind of awkward with my others post. i just feel like to share about it! HAHA
k bye!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Noiva thanks! #throwback

Hi there,

Quiet sometimes i wrote in this blog. Seem like today i feel like writing some of the memorable date i had with my noiva. Last weekend after 3 month we dont hv a proper date, finally we hv.

Date.. What will couple do when going for a date:

a) Spend the beautiful view
b) Eat (everytime)
c) Talk laughing sharing
d) Discussing (future)
e) Movie
f) Shopping (keh keh keh)

Maybe it hv lots more!~ But the list i made yups thats what i do with him.

Beautiful view- Yes the place that we when was the MINES which located nearby serdang & sg besi. Maybe we all will say what a lame date in shopping mall? No my dear my noiva hates shopping mall he will become someone which make me feel like punching his face! but in the MINES there is a lake which there was a beautiful & comfortable boat that will gives us a tour. The things that he really enjoy was feeding the fishes there. They were huge fish i tell you! Scary for me actually. HAHA.  Ok lets the picture speak..

Eat (every time)-  We ate sweet food, western which he dont like HAHAHA.. From expensive restaurant to stall in street we search for good food. My diet? Spoiled! HAHAHAH but truly enjoy. You will get the feeling which is HAPPY to see your loves ones smile while eating! But he already gave me a warning only that day i can enjoyed my sweetness food.. HUHU need to focus back my goal..

Talk Laughing & Sharing- Yes we do talk a lots. From the past, present & of course the future. The past actually the tough conversation but he manage to pull me up & be grateful what i hv now. So thankful & Alhamdulilah i meet him as my other half. Sharing all things we know & what we hv. Laughing with all the jokes made & the "meooww" sound in every flirty conversation. HEHEHE

Discussing- For our big huge event of course. Which colour, How much the cost, Where should be held, What should we wear, and lots more.

Movie- This was the best part. He seriously hate watching movie but because he want to make me happy he willing to watch back to back movie with me! HAHAHA.. 1st we watching THE GIVER.. Its kind of future like of movie but its hang! dont like the ending. The 2nd movie was NINJA TURTLES.. cute!! He likes it of course! action movie. And ate popcorn which in small portion. huh!

Shopping- He buy me a beautiful striking & yellowish purse! HAHAHA and for him exclusive device.. Like it tough! HEHEHE

But the most memorable moment me & him is no matters where we were he always say the 3 words. Make my heart melt and feels inlove XD

Ok bye for now!~