Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hai there,

Quite sometimes i did'nt update this blog..

There's many stories to be told but i will update it, one fine day. But today i just bump into old but still on going social networking "Skype" ill became active back because my click here get a better job so during work time only Skype is the safest way to communicate to each other.

Due to this new habit out of sudden i been searching for somebody that i used to know i found her. Yes it a "she". Don't know what actually happen between us maybe she think im not capable to be her friends. But what make i hold the grudge was she lied. She said it ok but at the back not ok.. Why do u do that??

Just split the words that u HATE me admit it. Maybe ill be fine but how u hang me make me like an idiots all this years.. Yups i pretend its ok & my friends say im a psiko.. Hell yeah.. but now maybe ill stop. Thanks for everything.. You the one who make me realized that #$^* are meant for me. Just seat back rileks & recall you the one who give me the bridge to know ^&*(% .. It all coincidence not that im the one who stole it. you the want who dumped it.

But never mind, just to say im sorry if im the one who make ur life disaster or maybe im the one that make ur life more colorful than ever.

Warm Regards,

Your disqualified friend.  

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