Friday, August 1, 2014

Rege-rege pants

Hai there!

First of all SELAMAT HARI RAYA wishes to all muslim reader. Today is the 5th raya & im working.. Ohhh yeahhh! Actually quiet bored due to not so many people in today. HUHU

Pose by unprofessional model
My celebration quiet simply & im not actually in the mood because my dad (abahJJ) not celebrating with us due to his job towards the country.. But he will take his holiday mid of August! Yeahh cant wait to see u abah..

Ok about the title above actually im totally adore the rege2 pants. maybe some say its not proper to wear it in public but its 21st century wear whatever you want but keep the "aurat" hidden.. HEHE

On the raya eve me, lala, ajep & my cousins (OJ & Ain) when to Dataran Hang Tuah to do raya shopping kind of last minute shopping laa.. but the result not baju kurung or baju raya we bought but the "rege-rege" pants, snow cap & colorful bracelet. Its so nice really! the shop name "1 happy happy shop"

Now me & lala have a new hobby which is buying the rege2 stuff dont know why but we fall in love wif it! HEHEHE.. Btw thats all for now. Will write more soon! Bye

Me & Ojay

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