Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Raya Biscuits (DIY) ^_^

Salam & Hey guys,

Dahlia Biscuits 2013
Hari Raya or Victory Day for us Muslim will arrived soon. In malay culture during that day in a month we need to visit our friends or relatives house. Of course the main item need to be there are "KUIH RAYA" or Raya Biscuits. There are variety of raya biscuits nowadays; traditional & modern (tart blueberry: purple my fav) HEHEHE

Choc Chip Cookies 2013

Since im working here in Klang start last year im doing my own raya biscuits. It kind of showing im involving the raya preparation. For last year i made the "Dahlia" biscuit! turn out delicious! not to sweet nor tasteless. beside that, choc chip biscuit turn out many sizes (due to the laziness occurred).

For this year im doing the Nestum Choc Chip biscuit.. I made it yesterday, actually this is the 1st batch i made it for my future MIL. hehehe because i will be visiting her this weekend cant wait! of course im doing my shopping there!!! 2nd batch ill doing it next week & of course need to do more more more..

Ok enjoy the photo i share.. Bye
Lot of Love
Nestum Choc Chip Biscuits
Baked wif lots of love ^_^

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