Monday, February 2, 2015


Hai there. 
its been long long time im not in this bloging.. Start november i hv been tranfer to another dept which call logistic! the job was like arghhhhhhhh im stress.. Oh well ill write different post for that. 

Regarding the post title. FINALLY the one who i used to know give me feedback on what actually happen between us. actually not clear msg but she answer fews question which I barely make myself stress with it. Thanks pal for making it slightly clear. now i know u dont hate me but i know u feels im a bit annoying for u.. Hehe oh well i wish the best for your life. Just be prepare on what ever decisions u make in life. Maybe i know u struggling on it. because i hv been in your shoes. hope u know that idioms. hehe  

ok then tata! 😽

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