Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dd the attention seeker

Good Day

It hv been a while, im not writing. Ok reason that i can blogging rite now becoz my workload hd been reduce due to im resigning. Yups i did. Mainly reason are im getting married but the truth i just cant handle my superior here. She such a fuss. Sometimes she's okay but mostly she's not okay. Pufff 

She's good but im just too good for her. HAHAHAH. Okay thats "riak" no lahh i just need to prepare for my big day. So much to do but im stuck which to prepare first. But mostly done already only the few "leceh" things not done yet. Hik! 

Excited? Of course but now the feeling mix up a little afraid, confuse, happy, sad, all club into one! Im afraid of losing my family. But family is family but after married in need to migrate there which so far far far away from melaka :'( 

Sometimes i felt like im just a girl should i getting married? but when u think back need to go step further  in life. Why wait rite when the times is up! Hopefully my other half know to handle on the worst & best of me. Hopefully he be the man who can cherish me all the time. There will be up & down hopefully we can manage that situation.

Yes i do love him, so do him! sometimes he's nagging kindly make im pissed out.. HAHA.. Nowadays he such a busy man, feel left alone.. but oh well what's his doing i know it for me n our future. But sometimes i need the attention bro! 

Okay thats all for now! Chowww

*ps: nampak x ak bosan nie sampai leh wat blog! HAHAHAHHA

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