Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Only that one guy

Hi there! 
Im blogging thru my phone now due to my lappy i left at melaka. Such a long time i dont nag in here. Haha

Oh ya, im officially a wife & currently a housewife. It's tough to be one, but i'll try my best. Btw it hard to find a job here, with the economy ups & down. But alhamdulilah my husband can handle it. Hehe. My big day; 28 August 2015 & 29 August 2015 and 5 September 2015 going well & syukur!! Thanks to everyone who came.. thanks a lot. those who grand us the wishes & pray thanks too! 

Ok. actually i hv something to share its not too personal but i just wondering.. Why only this "guy" 😏 
Let me tell u guys a story. 
Theres a couple long time ago already breaking  up for years! i repeat years! So they move on. the guys already hv someone so as the girl. actually keep changing. not judging it, it normal we have the chance to choose. So the boy meet someone who closely to her and invite her to the wedding. So they chat. the boy just make a joke saying that  when the girl wanted to settle down but apparently the girl heard from the "closely to her" person and she take it serious & feel  offended to that statement. Then she started to shows her anger to everyone & purposely showed to the boy to let he knows. As usual the boy just let it go & smile. 

Just wondering, they break up long time ago & changing couple but why only this guy she always pissed off? the guys just met the "closely person to her" after many years & he never tease her everytime or knowing about her many years. Just because only "that" day he talk about her, and shes cursing him? What? Can u guys tell me why? Its confusing me actually. But ohh well. Just telling u guys a story.

By the way, she never come clean. huhuhu. Maybe just let it be & pray for forgiveness.

Maybe my writing will make someone or somebody feel offended. Again im sorry! Maafkan saya ye 😁

Ok only that! tata! ❤️

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