Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last visit an island wif the status single -Redang- (#Throwback)

Hey there,today i feel like writing my journey to an island call the Redang. As my last post Pulau Tioman actually my visit last year on May 2013. Today entry for current visit & would be the last as single girl to an island. HEHE..(Mid of March 2014)
Actually im not alone to visit Redang i went there wif my sis lala, my couz nafisz, mulim & mr.noiva.. HEHE. We travel by bus (Sani Ekspress) at Jalan Duta to go there we actually take the LRT at TBS. Easy! We travel at night because wanted to reach there by morning. Turn out we arrived early than expected so just take about 3hours early! 

Then we took the ferry to Redang Island. The journey take about 1 hours and im sick sea! arghhh why ohh why! i love travel but always gets the headache. When we reach there "MASHALLAH" it so such pretty & amazed. Just cant imagined that in our country there is a beautiful island. 

We stayed in Redang Lagoon. My rating out of 5 ill give 4.. We got the center of the view between 2 beach! How such beauty & silly me not to capture that view! HUH! Actually after lunch we when to our first snorkeling trip! Excited of course! especially i make him SMILE along the holiday.. 
But we actually more enjoyed playing at the beach near our chalet. Kind romantic we have the night walk wift the full moon above us.. Auuwwww.. memories surely be kept.. 

Ok. do enjoy the picture i share during im there!~ Bye! 

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